Member Composition

Providing you information on IQAC Sub-Committee Members

Dr. Chan Miah Ahmed

Principal of the College


Mr. Anowarul Islam

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Joint Co-ordinator

Dr. Manoranjan Roy

Head of the Department, English

Teacher Representative

Dr. Prabir Kumar Das

Head of the Department, Economics

Teacher Representative

Dr. Chhanda Saha Roy

Assistant Professor, Economics

Teacher Representative

Prof. Jatin Sharma

University Nominee To GB.

Member From Management   

 Dr. Rezaul Karim

Social Worker

Member from Local Society       

 Mr. Arabinda Seal,

President, Alumni Association

Member from Alumni                     

Dr. Manaj Kumar Brahma

Head of the Department, Bodo

Co-ordinator +91 7002592837

Mr. Sanowar Hussain

Head of the Department, Education

Teacher Representative

Dr. Adit ch. Deka

Head of the Department, Assamese

Teacher Representative

Mr. Samaresh Nath

Assistant Professor, Education

Teacher Representative

Dr. Hastmot Ali

Assistant Professor, History

Teacher Representative

Circle Officer

Dotma Revenue Circle, Dotma

Member from Administrative officers 

General Secretary

Fakiragram College Student union

Member from Student

 Mr. Sekender Ali,

Fakiragram College Librarian

Member from Stakeholder