Providing you information on IQAC Sub-Committee Members

Criterion: 1-Curricular Aspects (100)

Name of the Criterion Convenors
Dr. Manoranjan Roy7002729581
Mrs. Smita Devi9101090157
Mr. Badol Karmakar9394252878

Criterion: 2-Teaching Learning and Evaluation (350)

Name of Criterion Convenors:
Dr. Ranjit Kumar Das7002621643
Mr. Tarun Kumar Das9954963427
Mr. Manik Narzary7002623297

Criterion: 3 – Research Innovation and Extension (110)

Name of Criterion Convenors:
Dr. Adit Chandra Deka7002477751
Dr. Chhanda Saha Roy7002851223
Mrs. Jaya Dey8822375781

Criterion: 4 – Infrastructure and Learning Resources (100)

Name of Criterion Convenors:
Mr. Sanowar Hussain7002550898
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Roy7002821563
Mr. Chitta Ranjan Borgayary9101595940

Criterion: 5 – Students Support and Progression (140)

Name of Criterion Convenors:
Dr. Hasmat Ali7002484696
Mr. Samaresh Nath9954118231
Mr. Kuddus Ali8134032715
Mrs. Jamuna Basumatary995427634

Criterion: 6 – Governance Leadership and Management (100)

Name of Criterion Convenors:
Dr. Manaj Kumar Brahma9954036177
Mr. Sekender Ali7002484152

Criterion: 7 – Institutional Values and Best Practices(100)

Name of Criterion Convenrs:
Dr. Prabir Kumar Das7002111035
Mr. Anowarul Islam9101339855
Mr. Nayanjyoti Talukdar8474029566